Jun 22, 2023

Segments, SSO, activity

Jun 22, 2023

1. View segments (beta)

Within a view, you can now create a segment that lets you apply filters to load a subset of your records. This is great for things like recently signed up users, segmenting orders by status, or free vs paid workspaces. When you open a view, you’ll also be able to see how many records are in each segment.

Segments are in open beta today for all workspaces. You can create a segment from the details panel of a view.


You can now enable SSO authentication on your workspace using any SAML identity provider including Okta, Active Directory, Auth0, Rippling, and many more.

SSO is part of our Enterprise plan—if you’re interested, reach out for more info.

3. Activity redesign

We’ve introduced a totally redesigned activity feed that lets you see the complete history of any record in your database.

You can now also see any activity that’s happened within a specific view, like your users or workspaces.

4. Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved column resizing on tables

  • Updated avatars to be square

  • Fixed styling of table header icons

  • Improved keyboard navigation of record attributes

  • Improved styling of tabs in the desktop app

  • Improved icons on profile dropdown menu

  • Improved styling of checkboxes

  • Updated styling of foreign key dropdowns

  • Added icons to some dropdown inputs

  • Fixed account deletion flow

  • Added workspace invitation followup emails

  • Fixed text ellipsing behavior of rows in some lists