Sep 15, 2023

Feedback form, multi-line text editor

Sep 15, 2023

1. Feedback form

We added an in-app feedback form so that you can quickly share any feature requests or bug reports while using the app. Just click Feedback in the sidebar and share your thoughts. We’ll automatically capture which page you’re on as context for our engineering team.

2. Multi-line text editor

We added the ability to expand any input into a bigger modal for an easier editing experience. This works great for long text content like blog posts, JSON values, or descriptions. You can expand any text input by hovering over the input and clicking the expand button.

3. Bug fixes and improvements

  • Added new tab component

  • Added favorited page cards to the home page

  • Added record count to favorited view cards on the team page

  • Added ability for teams to be managed in the workspace invitation modal

  • Expanded maximum width allowed for record details panel

  • Updated JSON, rich text, and multiline text fields to be bigger by default

  • Improved empty state of connections page

  • Improved default workspace name using email domain

  • Improved consistency of card widths across the app

  • Improved styling of SQL query error messages

  • Improved styling of buttons

  • Improved styling of segmented controllers

  • Updated views to maintain edit state after navigation

  • Fixed sizing of foreign key inputs

  • Fixed new action button being visible outside of a team

  • Fixed record being deselected after creating a related record

  • Fixed backspace not working in foreign key dropdowns