Nov 15, 2023

AI admin panels, fullscreen record pages, improved action editor

Nov 15, 2023

1. AI-generated admin panels

Our vision at Basedash has always been to handle all of the hard work of creating the best admin panel so that you can focus on building your own product. Until now, we’ve mostly been focused on solving that through good design and smart defaults.

Today, we’re shipping an improved onboarding experience that automatically generates your entire initial admin panel using generative AI. As soon as you connect your database, we use AI to scan and understand the schema of your database, then generate a set of views that we think would be useful for you and your team.

All newly created views also now automatically understand the relationships between the tables in your database. We use this to join related data into your views so that you can see how your data is connected without any manual configuration.

Expanding on our new dashboards feature, we’ll also pin any newly created views to your team dashboard automatically.

2. Fullscreen record pages

We’ve added a new fullscreen page for individual records that lets you dive into all the details and view relations in a space dedicated to your data. You can open a record’s page by clicking the expand button on the side panel of a view, or holding Ctrl/Cmd and clicking on a record in list or card layout.

We also now link to these record pages from the activity feed so you can see exactly how records have been changed over time.

You can also use this new feature to link to specific records from other sources, like your CRM or issue tracking software. We use a simple URL that you can construct using the record’s unique ID.

3. Redesigned action editor

We’ve totally redesigned the action editor to be simpler to use, and more consistent with our view and query editing process. The action editor now appears in a sidebar, keeping the primary interface focused on your action. We’ll also auto-save any changes you make so that you don’t lose any progress while building complex actions.

We’re also working on a new feature in beta that lets you define custom actions with natural language by using AI. If you want early access, let us know and we’ll add you to the feature flag.

4. Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed team cover image positioning

  • Improved performance of creating views with relations

  • Improved SQL assistant’s usage of enums

  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts not responding after using the command palette

  • Expanded SQL assistant support to databases with larger schemas

  • Updated layout of view editor

  • Added SQL formatting to new AI-generated queries

  • Added ability to hide automatic email and Stripe links

  • Added page icons to command palette

  • Added options to edit, duplicate, and delete pages from the command palette

  • Fixed editing foreign keys in modals

  • Improved attribute selector in view editor

  • Expanded CSV exports to support larger tables

  • Added new demo team for new users

  • Fixed removing non-admin workspace members

  • Added delete option on pages in the sidebar

  • Added support for record creation on views with joins

  • Added option to exclude action input values from activity

  • Added a default sort to new views

  • Fixed support for new SQL Server databases

  • Added cumulative charts in addition to discrete charts on views

  • Fixed cURL preview when creating actions

  • Updated icons for toggling panels

  • Added support for action inputs with the same name

  • Added support for saving actions with errors

  • Added view name and emoji to pinned segments on team dashboards

  • Updated theme picker graphics

  • Added ability to delete workspaces

  • Changed behavior of time columns to not display in local time zone

  • Fixed editing time columns

  • Fixed time zone agnostic columns being converted to local time zone

  • Added time zone indicator to time zone aware timestamps

  • Added zero-downtime deployments

  • Updated position of indicator for updating the app

  • Improved performance of connecting new databases

  • Added empty state to domain settings