Jan 28, 2024

S3 Integration, AI assistant for all users, improved page creation

Jan 28, 2024

1. S3 integration

We’re excited to announce that you can now upload files directly to S3 from Basedash. This will allow you to change image assets, upload documents (for example PDFs) and have an easier time making edits.

Read more about how to set it up here. You can also check out this demo:

Note that this feature is only available on paid plans. If you’d like to test it out to see if it’s a fit for your workspace, get in touch at sales@basedash.com and we can help you try it out.

2. AI assistant on the Free plan

We’re happy to announce that the our AI SQL assistant is now available for all Basedash users.

Simply describe to the assistant in plain English what data you want to see and it’ll generate a query for you. The assistant can also read through broken queries to help you identify what went wrong (like broken syntax or an incorrect column name).

You can find the AI assistant right above the SQL editor when you create a new Query.

3. Improved page creation flow

Pages are the core building blocks of Basedash. Now they’re easier than ever to create. We made a number of improvements to the creation flow so that your team can spend less time making and editing views of data, and more time actually working on top of it.

As a reminder, pages in Basedash include Views, Charts, Queries and Actions.

4. Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed dates appearing incorrectly in some time zones

  • Improved flow for creating queries and actions

  • Improved behavior when creating a record fails

  • Fixed error toast appearing after logging in after a break

  • Fixed AI SQL assistant not working for queries containing certain characters

  • Improved magic link shortcut to Gmail

  • Added Zapier API template

  • Added Linear API template

  • Improved layout of charts on team dashboards

  • Improved styling of 404 page

  • Improved styling of error page

  • …And many more