Basedash self-hosted

Deploy on your infrastructure with your security. Make your data accessible, collaborative, and editable on your terms. Available for enterprise customers only.

Easy setup

Our dedicated team will help guide you through the process and ensure that everything is set up propertly.

Deploy Basedash in under an hour as a Docker container on AWS, GCP, Heroku, Digital Ocean, or any hosting service.

β†’ dev git clone
β†’ dev cd self-hosted
β†’ self-hosted ./

For highly regulated industries


Stay HIPAA compliant by maintaining full control over your data, wherever it’s hosted. Keep all patient records secured by running Basedash in your VPC. Limit access to PII through data configuration and limited views.


Keep your sensitive customer data private by self-hosting your Basedash instance in a secure VPC with limited external connectivity. Maintain full transparency and audit-ability with full edit history and audit logs.

Packed full of the security features you need

Shared queries

Write custom SQL queries to pull specific data from your database, then share the live results with your teammates, without giving them full SQL access to database.

Edit history

Track every edit that gets made through Basedash, with full timestamps, before/after values, and user accountability.

Disconnect tables & attributes

Every data source, table, and attribute can be disconnected from your Basedash environment. When something is disconnected, any view that uses data from a disconnected entity is deleted when a connection is severed.


Control exactly which data should be accessible through fine-grained data source configuration. Disable editing, obscure PII, or completely remove data down to the column-level.

Disable edits

Like connection, every source, table, and attribute can be restricted to view only for all users of your workspace. This allows you to avoid conflicts of validation, complex business logic, or mistaken edits to attributes that never change.

Grant roles

Limit access to your data with member-specific roles. Fully prevent data editing for certain users, or open up access on a view-by-view basis.

Host in your VPC

Self-host Basedash wherever you want, including in your own VPC and behind your existing firewall. Basedash requires very little external connectivity.

2FA Authentication

Enable two-factor authentication for your accounts to secure access to your workspace. Authenticate through SMS or an authenticator app.

Works with your stack

Basedash supports read and write access to all major SQL databases, and can connect with read access to other data sources such as Stripe, Close, Shopify, and Twilio.

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Basedash is the internal tool you don't have to build.

See how removing barriers can change the way your team works.

Available to enterprise tier customers